Friday, March 7, 2008

Giving Great Baby Shower Gifts

Spring is almost here and you know what that means.....Baby Shower time! All those people stuck in the house during the cold winter months have brought a rush on Baby Showers for the spring. Baby showers are at the top of the list for parties during the spring so now is the time to stock up on a couple of gifts. Kate's Boutique has been working hard at putting together easy gifts sets. These gifts give you the pleasure of giving a nice gift at a great price and best of all the gifts in our hand picked collections are pre-packaged. They all have a great theme such as the Chinese take-out gifts or also called the "good fortune gift". This 6pcs set includes a blanket, onesie, hat, bib, burp cloth, and booties. All you need to do is add a gorgeous ribbon and a card and you are done! Imagine it can be that easy. If your recipient is out of problem, Kate's Boutique will ship anywhere!
Another new gift in our Baby Gift Boutique is our baby baskets. We have a full range of beautifully filled baskets that will surpass your idea of a baby gift. Tons of gifts for the baby shower season that is about to blossom! Check us out at